Here you will find a step by step guide to Bx3 as well as how to format your page, useful links with advice and tips on submitting to publishers.

Format Guidelines (Required)

  1. Format > Page > Size A5
  2. Margins 1.50cm each
  3. Fonts to use: Palatino Linotype OR Avenir
  4. Submit your poems in one document
  5. In another send your bio, book description and proposal
  6. Add your chosen cover image or a cover brief
  7. Send all in ONE email to Bridget Hart

The Process

1. Submit a proposal via email:

2. The project is accepted! You place an advance order for books. The minimum quantity is 100 copies. ISBN is allocated. Payment is requested at this time.

3. The book gets copy edited by a professional copy-editor who will work with you to prepare the final version of the text.

4. The book is typeset and the cover layout prepared for printing (with front cover image supplied by you or a stock image + text.) Back cover is text and bar codes to a standard format.

5. Book gets proofed and signed off by you.

6. The book gets printed by our print-on-demand supplier and also entered in all the relevant databases (Amazon, etc).

Turn around time from acceptance of project and delivery of books is 6-8 weeks.

Useful links:

Jo Bell’s guide to submitting

Salt Publishing

What’s Next? Neil Astley

Email to submit