Welcome to Bx3 a hybrid publishing service for Spoken Word artists from Burning Eye Books.

Burning Eye Books was set up to help Spoken Word artists (poets + play/show writers) get their work into print and help sell it. Unfortunately, because Burning Eye’s core list works on a 12-18 month lead time and submissions cycle which has limited space we just can’t help as many people as we would like to.

Bx3 from Burning Eye therefore aims to assist those who are looking to publish their work in book form to sell at shows / gigs / festivals etc.

It offers some of the advantages of self-publishing but with professional copy editing and production from the same team of freelance professionals we use for the core Burning Eye list. What it doesn’t include is the full book trade representation, marketing and distribution model that Burning Eye employs (it is this which causes the long lead time). Instead all books published by Bx3 will work on a print on demand platform so your book will be available to anyone who wants to order it through a book shop on or offline.

What you get…

1. A professionally copy edited and produced book that you can purchase at a reasonable rate to sell at gigs and shows and increase the income you earn from being a writer.
2. Your book is allocated an ISBN number and listed in all the relevant trade databases.
3. Your book is included in the data feeds that booksellers use to populate their websites which will ensure your book is available from Amazon, Wordery, Books etc and other online sellers as well as via the web sites of traditional book chains like Waterstones, Foyles and Blackwells.

4. Your book is available to order as a print on demand paperback that can be ordered by any book seller online or in the real world.

To find our more and how to use the service, please go to our Submit page.

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